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Professional Designers to Lend Talents and Host Online Logo Fundraiser Knoxville, TN

Professional Graphic designers from across the city of Knoxville will be combining their talents and hosting a fundraiser for a local non-profit charity that helps educate impoverished children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The charity, Casa de Sara, is based in Knoxville, Tennessee but also has offices and a school in Santa Cruz. The designers will be offering their services to design logos for individuals or small businesses for a one-time donation of $200. “Many advertising agencies charge into the thousands for a business logo. We thought this would be a wonderful way for people to give to Casa de Sara and get something useful in exchange for their donation,” said Dan Frye, a participating designer. “We have about 15-20 professional designers who are willing to donate a limited amount of their time for developing “icons” for individuals. The fundraiser is not just limited to logos said Frye. “If someone wants us to illustrate a tattoo or create a character for their use we’d be able to do that as well. We could design a family crest or a monogram for anything they want to use it for. And its all for a wonderful cause. Lori Santoro founded the non-profit group in 2001 after a personal trip to the country of Boliva. “Educating children is our mission,” said Santoro, “and our children live in a highly impoverished neighborhood. The third-world conditions often mean that most children who attend the public schools in Bolivia may not have the basic supplies needed to educate a child. “Classrooms are very bare and often there are no desks, chalkboards, pencils or papers. Textbooks are even a rarer commodity. I was saddened that so many children were not able to be given an education simply because of poverty. We have established an amazingly successful school for kindergarten age children and first-graders. Our curriculum has slowly evolved to include a heavy influence of Montessori style teaching along with traditional methods. This way of teaching has proven very successful for our little school! In addition, our children participate in field trips and continue to receive health care, daily vitamins, breakfast and snacks.” Those interested in making a donation and receiving a logo can log on to casadesara.org and download an Icon-o-thon request form. Donations made by check, money order or credit card are accepted.