Give Children Education and You Give Them a Future; Give Them a Future and You’ve Changed the World

We dedicate ourselves to aiding children who are deprived of basic needs such as food, education, and medical assistance.

Our goal is to help them and their family one project at a time.

Early Education

Casa de Sara’s Escuelita or little school is designed to reach and meet the needs of children in highly impoverished communities. Our school is run and staffed by local personnel, providing jobs for those in the community.

We offer a unique and well-rounded curriculum (combination Montessori and traditional) that has been developed by experts abroad and in the USA. Regular field trips, sports, and participating in local events are a regular part of our curriculum.

Special attention is given to each child’s healthcare issues, nutrition, and other individual needs. Our school provides breakfast, lunch, snack, and daily vitamins for students and staff.

Extra-Curricular Education

We provide regular healthcare education outreach programs to less fortunate communities and schools.

The topics discussed in our programs include prevention of local diseases, drug and alcohol awareness, reproductive education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, family life issues (abuse and problems at home), prenatal care, nutrition, hygiene, and general health.

We offer summer school programs for children ages 4 to 17 years old. The classes include English, Dance, Soccer, Karate, and Art.

College Scholarships

The Sarita program allows young women who are in their late teens to early 20s and are living in poverty to work in our schools as teacher’s aides. Through this opportunity the girls learn about trade, build their resumes, and earn a salary.

Most importantly, these women will also receive a college or technical school scholarship. The goal of the program is to get them interested in the teaching profession so that one day they will become teachers themselves.

They can choose another field if they prefer. Casa de Sara also provides scholarships to young men who are eligible.


We offer periodic healthcare clinics and healthcare seminars for children and adults. These clinics typically provide vision, pediatric, gynecological, and dental care.

It is Casa de Sara’s policy to use local doctors during these clinics, unless bringing in a doctor for the USA is needed. We also provide medical supplies to select hospitals and partner with them to bring better healthcare services to those in need.

All of the children and their families in Casa de Sara’s Escuelita receive regular healthcare services.


Because our students are impoverished, they often eat very little outside of the school, and what they do eat is lacking in nourishment. In fact, all of our students are malnourished or micronutrient malnourished at their medical checkups at the start of every school year.

Casa de Sara provides a well-rounded and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and a snack to all students in the Escuelita. We also have iron supplements and parasite treatment to all students.


Casa de Sara firmly believes in providing jobs to the local community, which is why we employ local Bolivians in all positions within the Escuelita.

The young women in our Sarita program are also employed by the organization, and we have a doctor on contract to help us bring healthcare to our students. By doing this, we are helping the local economy and providing long-term employment for deserving individuals.

Family Outreach

For the students in Casa de Sara’s Escuelita, getting through the struggles of everyday life to arrive at school can be difficult. Common problems include:

  • Lack of Transportation, Running Water, and Electricity at Home
  • Transient Lifestyle
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Undiagnosed Health Conditions
  • and more.

Because there are so many things we address and deal with on a daily basis, we have close relationships with the families of our students. We often stay in touch with them after their child graduates from our school, sometimes even sponsoring a meal program or tuition.

The Great Llama Race

The annual Great Llama Race is held every fall at the World’s Fair Park in Knoxville, TN. It is a foot race in which local celebrities are paired with a Knoxville school and a llama provided by Southeast Llama Rescue.

The race is run in heats—with the final heat determining first, second, and third place winners. The winning schools will win a percentage of funds raised to go to a project of their choice.

Southeast Llama Rescue will also receive a percentage of the funds, with the remainder of the money going to Casa de Sara, an international nonprofit with headquarters in Knoxville. This organization has programs in Bolivia and the greater Knoxville area for impoverished children and their families.

There are other fun activities going on throughout the day in addition to the main race. The event includes vendors, food, entertainers, music, crafts and games, children’s section, interaction with llamas, and more. Feel free to bring a chair! The admission fee is $5. Kids 5 years old and under are free.

Click here for driving directions to World’s Fair Park.

Why Llamas? Why Schools?

Casa de Sara, whose programs are in Bolivia, runs the event. The llama is the national animal of Bolivia and education is a main component of Casa de Sara’s mission, making this a perfect fit.

Casa de Sara is eager to partner with the local community on this event to benefit education both here and abroad! Find out more about how to get your school involved, raise money, and have the chance to win a cash prize!

Note to schools:

  • You may have up to three llamas sponsored for any one school. Each llama must be sponsored for a separate club, group, or project.
  • Anyone marching in the llama parade on behalf of their school should be in matching or coordinating attire–this can be as simple as hats or shirts, or as elaborate as you wish to make it.

Other Activities

Vendors, entertainers, food, music, children’s section, crafts, games and other competitions will be spread out around the grounds. All these events will be set up as enter-to-win competitions and the winners will win a prize.

Schools will have the opportunity to have booths to promote themselves. It will be a funky and fun day for the entire family!

Casa de Sara
Casa de Sara


Call (865) 690-3323 or Email Us at if you are interested in being a sponsor for the event or for a specific school. We value all levels of support and are open to crafting a sponsorship package if you do not find an available option. All checks should be made payable to Casa de Sara.


Join In

We’re looking for vendors, exhibitors, entertainers, and volunteers for the day’s events! Get in touch with us for more information about how to participate.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Casa de Sara’s office at (865) 690-3323 or message us at

Note to vendors and exhibitors:

The Knox County Fire Department requires that all tents must have a fireproof canopy or be treated with fire retardant spray.

If your canopy top does not have a tag stating that it is fireproof, you can purchase fire retardant spray. This can be purchased from fire extinguishing companies. You must provide a copy of a receipt to Casa de Sara before the day of the event for us to show the fire marshal upon inspection.

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